PTO MGL 600 pellet mill

Press throught put up to 900 kg/hr
Weight 480 kg
Max. height 1 450 mm
Width/depth 850 mm
Lenght 1 250 mm
Tractor 25 kW

PTO MGL 600 pellet mill can be driven by the PTO output shaft from the tractor.
The pellet mill includes a dosing hopper, damping including a pump, a cardan. For a tractor hitch of cat I. and II., a tractor of 25 kW.

Press throughput up to 900 kg/hr
Weight 480 kg
Max.height 1450 mm
Width/depth 850 mm
Length 1250 mm
Tractor of 25 kW

The press capacity depends mainly on materials, their moistness and fraction

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