Pellet stove

  1. Usage and advantages of the stove KNP

Hot-air stove KNP (thereinafter stove only) is intended for local heating and it is constructed for combustion of pellets and wheat as an appliance with the short-period combustion process. It is intended for heating of workrooms, halls, hothouses, garages, shops, stables and similar technical plants. The guaranteed fuel are pellets with the wheat in proportion of 1:1, which are by the help of a worm-conveyor carried from the inbuilt fuel bunker into the combustion area. This enables very simple operating and maintenance. Thanks the high efficiency you can reach very low operating expenses by high output of the stove.

  1. Specifications of the stove KNP

Rated power:    18 kW

Fuel consumption:    4,4 kg/h

Temperature of combustion products by rated power:  195 °C

Efficiency by rated power:    85%

Operational draught:    min. 10 Pa

Weight-flow of the combustion products:   13.2 g/s

Mean temperature of the combustion products by the rated power:        185 °C

Weight:      96 kg

Mean of the smoke-flue:    80 mm

Capacity of the fuel bunker:   50 litres

Proportions (width x drop x height):      410 mm x 820 mm x 1075 mm

Connecting voltage:    1 PEN  50 Hz  230V

Power requirement (exhausting fan 92 W, fan 120 W, feeding motor 19 W)        in sum 231 W

Power supply:       IP20

Prescribed fuel: wooden pellets and wheat mixed in proportion of 1:1.

Pellets: Ø 6 mm, length max. 30 mm, water-content max. 12%, ashes-content max. 1,5%.

Wheat: purified of straw by harvester, water content max. 14%.

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