Pellet mill MGL 1000

Press throught put up to 1500 kg/hr
Eletric input 62kW - 95kW
Weight 1100 kg
Use for granulation of sawdust, straw, biomass, food and feed mixtures, paper
Max. height 2400 mm
Electricial connection 400 V/125A kat. C-D
Electricial socket terminal blocks
Production rates per 200 - 800 kg/hr

The granulation unit consists of a dosage worm/auger with a closed feeding hopper. Material for granulation is placed into the feeding hopper. The auger brings the material to the feed arm, where the exactly defined amount of material falls down to the mixing chamber.


  • suction (vacuum)
  • el.panel
  • automatic greasing unit
  • component mixer
  • conveyor belt
  • silo with automatic feeding auge

Requirements for the feed particle size 3-3,5 mm, 4,5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm.

The press capacity depends mainly on materials, their moistness and fraction.


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