Hops pellet mill – MGL 200CH

Press throught put up to 300kg/hr
Eletric input 8,85-10,85kW
Weight 430 kg
Use for granulation of hops
Max. height 2230mm
Electricial connection 400 V/25A kat. C-D
Electricial socket 5x32A
Production rates 50-100 kg/hr

Hops pellet mill is specially designed to keep the pelleting temperature below 60C and hence keep all the hops special elements needed for high quality brewing. You can make hops pellets straight from the hops heads or grind it first.

The granulation unit consists of a dosage worm/auger with a closed feeding hopper. Material for granulation is placed into the feeding hopper. The auger brings the material to the feed arm, where the exactly defined amount of material falls down to the mixing chamber. Non standard granules and dust are returned by a spiral auger to the feeding hopper and are put through the pelletizing process again. Finished granules fall down from the sorting apparatus to a prepared container.

Production processes are designed to protect and preserve hop resins by continually monitoring temperature and cooling the pellet die. Hop pellets retain all of their natural lupulin and cone material, and can be used as a full replacement for whole hops having a longer shelf life, taking up less storage space, and generally being easier to handle.

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